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I'm the Safety wallet.
A safe home for your cards.

How secure are your cards? The Safety wallet protects your cards from unsolicited collection of your (bank) data.

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Our story

There's no longer any need to fear skimmers.

Home is where you feel comfortable. Home is where you can unwind after a busy day. Home is where you're safest. Do your payment cards also have such a home? I look after your cards every day. They're safe with me, even if you accidentally doze off on the train or get caught up in the bustle of a busy street. I'm the Safety wallet, the place your cards call home.

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The product

How secure is the Safety wallet?

The Safety wallet protects your cards from skimmers. Skimming is the theft of your personal data by wireless communication via the RFID and NFC chip on cards such as your bank card, credit card, ID card, Octopus card, and many other access cards.


The Safety wallet's aluminium material blocks signals, making it impossible to read your data.

A single movement

Slide the cards up in a single movement using the zip at the bottom.

7 cards

Store up to 7 cards in your Safety wallet.


Use your Safety wallet as-is or customise it with your favourite cover.

The concept

Mix & Match

Combine the secure Safety wallet with a cover to complement your personal style!



A home for your cards

Start with the Safety wallet. This advanced wallet protects your cards against skimming. The Safety wallet is available in a range of colours.



Choose your favourite cover

A range of brands designed a signature cover for the Safety wallet. Take your pick! Covers are secured to the Safety Wallet using a seal. Even better: the cover also provides space for your loose change.



Your unique Safety wallet

Personalize your Safety wallet with a unique cover. More secure than ever. The Safety wallet is like a home for your cards.

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Brands already using the Safety wallet

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